Working Permit Visa / KITAS

Working Permit

KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card)

For Foreigners Who Want to Stay and Work in Indonesia !

     Employing of a foreign operational director, manager, technician, expert and even specialized workers by a company in Indonesia is allowed, as long as there is no Indonesian available who is qualified to fill the position or job. The Department of Labor in Indonesia issues regulations on this matter in the form of a list of professional positions in every business sector that are open for the employment of expatriates.

     An expatriates wishing to take up employment in Indonesia, need to obtain a working permit. Usually, the Working Permit will be taken care of by the employer.

The Requirements That Must Be Prepared by Foreign Worker(s) are:

  • Colour Copy of Fullbook Passport (must be valid at least 18 months)
  • Curriculum Vitae (English or Bahasa) min 25 years old age (must be signed on Materai and stamped by company)
  • Colour Copy of latest diploma (Latin version Diploma, Min Bachelor Degree) (must be signed on Materai and Stamped by Company)
  • Passport size Photo (Red Background) 4×6 = 6 pcs;  3×4 = 4 pcs;  2×3 = 6 pcs

Requirements That Must Be Prepared by Company (Sponsor) are:

  • Colour Copy of the Company’s official document (Akta Notaris + Surat Pengesahan Kehakiman)
  • Colour Copy of the Company’s locality letter (Surat Domisili)
  • Colour Copy of the Company’s tax number (NPWP)
  • Colour Copy of the Company’s business license letter (SIUP/IUT + TDP)
  • Colour Copy of Wajib Lapor Ketenagakerjaan to Local Disnaker of from Kelurahan (for Jakarta Area)
  • Organization Structure
  • Colour Copy of the employee contract (for Companies Employing Foreigner – Signed by Expat and Company on Materai + Company Official Stamp)
  • Colour Copy of the director’s identity card
  • Sponsorship Letter on Company letter head, signed by director (Surat Sponsor)
  • Some sponsor letters for others instuitions; We Will Guide You
  • Power of Attornay (Surat Kuasa) on Company letterhead, signed by director for other institutions; We Will Guide You
  • Re-Designation Letter from Company’s management to assist the foreign worker + His/her ID Card (Local Worker)
  • Some complete form; We Will Guide You

If you want to take your family with you we need for processing the KITAS:

  • Copy of the wife’s and children’s passport
  • Copy of the marriage certificate
  • Copy of the children’s birth certificates
  • Passport sized photographs with red backgrounds (4 x 6cm = 6 pcs, 3 x 4cm = 6 pcs, 2 x 3 = 6 pcs)
  • Copy of the family register


When we have received your documents we will start to process. If your application is approved you will receiving a “telex visa”, this process can take up 20 days before a decision is made and the visa granted. When the “telex visa” is issued you can apply for the real visa at the Indonesian embassy or consulate overseas, nearest to you. You need to pay in local currencies for the visa application and the duration of the visa process in the country where you apply for the visa is depending on the embassy /consulate.

     When you get your visa, you must return to Indonesia and then report to immigration maximum 7 days within the arrival date. We can do all this for you and guide you in processing. The process can take up within 30 days in immigration offices, when finished you will receive the following documents:

  • IMTA, Working Permit
  • Vitas/ Telex Visa (Index 312)
  • KITAS , limited stay permit card
  • Exit Permit
  • STM , report certificate from the police
  • Temporary Resident Card (SKPPS) for DKI area

The above documents are valid for one year and you will need to pay USD 1200 to the government.

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